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The Mukuba Express from Dar es Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi on the TAZARA Railway.This photo shows the all-new 2016 Mukuba, composed of newly-delivered Chinese-built carriages...Photo courtesy of Erick Nyaga Taking the train is a safe, pretty comfortable and above all, fascinating way to get around Tanzania, and to travel between Tanzania and Zambia.This page explains routes, train times, fares and how to buy tickets. Dar es Salaam-Mbeya-Kapiri Mposhi (Tazara train) Kitwe-Kapiri Mposhi-Lusaka-Livingstone by train Livingstone-Victoria Falls by local transport.The carriage was kept clean by a couple of friendly staff members and the bathrooms were adequate, although occasionally lacked running water.

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The Zambian Mukuba now permanently operates the express service, the Tanzanian Kilimanjaro now always operates the ordinary train, before 2016 the two trainsets alternated on both services, so you never knew which set you'd get. You can check times at select Travel with us or try The new Chinese-built cars delivered in 2016 have a similar interior.

We also got held up by a bush fire, not that Tazara can be blamed for that.

Taking this journey if youre on a tight schedule for onward travel is not a good idea, but if like me youre just bumming around Africa in no hurry then 40 for a journey of over 1800km is incredible value by any measure, and the delays allow more opportunity to experience a situation most very rarely find themselves in." Traveller Geoff Edwards reports from a trip on Tazara: Buying the tickets: "Booking tickets was done easily through Sykes Travel Agents via email.

Hotels in Tanzania & Zambia Dar es Salaam-Nairobi, Mombasa & Kenya by bus. Bulawayo-Gaborone or Messina-Johannesburg Johannesburg-Cape Town, Johannesburg-Durban by train.

UK citizens need visas to visit both Zambia & Tanzania.

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