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Again I must remind you that I don’t know a single guy who has had sex with his teacher, but with all the news reports you see of hot blonde teachers sleeping with their 15-year-old students, it is happening.Just stick with the isolation plan and follow it through.He has no clue as to whom I have disclosed this info. I just want to say to them that I will drop in to wish them a happy holiday, and then share with them. In the past, I have stated that I may drop by and he has freaked out. I got up from his booth and made my way out the doors. “sorry but at the moment this bank can’t afford to offer out extensions. Sorry.” He had a slight grin, he was proud of himself. I watched him walk from the bank to a nearby parking lot. But before he could respond, I waved my hourglass chain in front of him and he was in a trance.“You are getting lost. As for the old man, I sold him Chandler for the home loan!

I was going to have to find a way to come up with some money or be put out on the streets. Before I tell you how to flirt with your teacher or professor, first realize that your chances of having sex with your teacher is slim to none. You must get your teacher alone either before or after class where you can work your magic, which is looking cute if you’re a girl and being playful and joking around if you’re a guy.In fact if you do sleep with her (or him), please email me so I can share in your happiness. The main idea is to extend the conversation as long as possible so you stand out way beyond anyone else. You’re going to have to game her like you would a girl you met at a party. You said yourself — you want to fuck with his head. Ask yourself why you’re giving this douchebag, the OW, and his family so much mental real estate. Infidelity is an injustice and it can bring out the vigilante in a chump. He must be humiliated the way I have been humiliated! Look, being the shithead he is is punishment enough. It’s embarrassing that we were ever associated with them. There is NO artful way to discuss his porn addiction. To do so would be seen as spiteful, because it is spiteful.

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