Slackware updating

In this last case, the order is applied to the 64-bit pure packages which supersede the installed multilib packages.With default configuration, user has guarantee that packages and updates will be installed in the right order, which means that glibc-solibs will be always installed first. It defines whether integrity of packages downloaded from mirrors must or not being checked. PACKAGE_INTEGRITY_CHECK can be set to $TRUE (integrity checking enabled), or, to $FALSE (integrity checking disabled).This subset is provided by multilib's version of packages glibc-solibs, glibc, glibc-i18n, glibc-profile, glibc-zoneinfo, gcc, gcc-g , gcc-gfortran, gcc-gnat, gcc-java, gcc-obj, and, by the additional package compat32-tools which provides tools related to 32-bit compatibility layer.As is dedicated to the management of 64-bit part of the multilib, it cannot be used to manage the 32-bit part, ie the 32-bit compatibility in mode --upgrade, while the system is not in run level 1, the user is warned and prompt to confirm continuation of the process.This is the same as for --install, and, obviously, what was said for --install applies for --upgrade.

It is an array containing the packages precedence order, from the most important to the least important, given by patterns of kind baseref.

This led to a display problem into firefox-32, which was resolved by running of /usr/bin/update-pango-querymodules manually, and which would have been automatically resolved the next boot.

Moreover, this problem is not fully related to the installation of 64-bit part of the multilib as it can be observed when the 32-bit part of the multilib and firefox-32 are installed at the same time, without doing a reboot before install of firefox.

is an automated tool for managing (installing, upgrading, and, uninstalling) of 64-bit part of alien BOB's multilib for slackware-64.

The 64-bit part of the multilib is a subset of packages which allows to turn a pure 64-bit slackware-64 into a multilib slackware-64.

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