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These events are depicted in the 2006 movie A Ton of Luck A bomb exploded in a crowded tavern/discothèque at pm Saturday night killing six (some reports indicate seven) and wounding eighty-two.

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The president of the Supreme Court of Colombia and many magistrates, employees and bystanders get killed.

The Supreme Court ordered the detention of three congressmen implicated in the signature of an illegal agreement with the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia at Santa Fe de Ralito starting the Colombian parapolitics scandalkidnapped politician Fernando Araújo Perdomo escaped from his captors after a Colombian National Army military operation in the Montes de María mountains.

Araújo spent several days in hiding without food or water until eventually finding help.

13 people, mostly homeless, die and 50 are wounded. A group of Colombian Army soldiers, part of a Counter-terrorism unit, while cleaning up after an ambush by guerillas makes the surprising discovery of several tubs buried in the jungle which hold .75 million US dollars in cash.

They decide to keep the money for themselves, leading to their capture and trial.

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