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Welcoming 50 tomorrow and excited for a new white board, a clean slate to start my next 50 years of life, looking forward to seeing what God has in store--I am ready--bring it!

A post shared by Sandra Lee (@sandraleeonline) on Apparently, a lot of people wonder about Lee's family life: As soon as we typed "Does Sandra Lee" into Google, it auto-completed with "..a daughter," followed by the aforementioned cancer question.

In 2010, a Cuomo spokesman told the Times Union in Albany that the governor-elect "shared" the property-tax expense on Lily Pond with his live-in girlfriend.

After The Journal News report was published, Cuomo spokesman Matt Wing dismissed the story as a "cheap political stunt" and New Castle Supervisor Robert Greenstein said there were no pending permit issues with the house.

The daughter question may be because she often posts photos with a young, blonde woman who looks remarkably like her. (She actually has three nieces and six nephews.)'s 2016 Most Beautiful issue, under a section on stars that look half their age. Getting at least eight hours of sleep a night—"when you sleep, it's when your body regenerates," she told the magazine—and the occasional Borghese mud mask.

Her haters call themselves "shrikes," referring to Lee as "Shamdra" or "SLop" online, and they call her admirers "Fandras." If any publicity is good publicity, that's got to count for something, right?

She decided to share every step of this journey publicly, so that others would know they're not alone—and to keep her fans in the loop with her life."Well, I think it's really important to kind of share who you are," she told Fox News. For every a person spends at restaurants from now through Aug.

"And, for me, to have taken that and have gone underground would have been a disservice to the people that I serve, which are those over-extended homemakers, and it wouldn't have been who I am." Surgery all over -- I'm trying to get up and about. Not good with pain killers --makes we sick and weepy. 19 using the card, the company will donate to Stand Up to Cancer, up to million. I encourage you to reach out and support local organizations like this one that help support those who are battling cancer!

#TBTA post shared by Sandra Lee (@sandraleeonline) on And it had nothing to do with food.

After dropping out of college, Lee started pitching stun guns and Black & Decker security systems at home and garden shows, before developing her own line of DIY curtain hardware, which she called Kurtain Kraft.

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