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The distance between London Gatwick Airport (LGW) and Cockfosters is 55 km. The cheapest way to get from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Cockfosters is drive which costs RSD 1281 and takes 1¼ hours.The quickest way to get from London Gatwick Airport (LGW) to Cockfosters is train which takes 1 hour and costs RSD 4224.At the time, the UK was commissioning its first nuclear submarine, HMS Dreadnought.Houghton's ex-wife told MI5 in 1960 that she noticed her husband had taken classified documents from the base and even brought them to London for the weekend.MI5 closed in on Houghton after they received a tip-off from the CIA who had received information from a Polish intelligence source.Houghton had previously worked in the office of the Naval attache's office in Warsaw, but was returned to Britain because of his heavy drinking.

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Mrs Houghton tried to raise her husband's treachery with authorities, telling them he frequently brought confidential documents home, but she was ignored.

When arrested, Gee was found with a bag full of classified photos and film Molody used KGB funds to set up his 'cover businesses' and became so successful he is believed to be the first agent to become a multi-millionaire.

The last pieces of the puzzle MI5 put together were Peter and Helen Kroger, who lived at the Ruislip house.

Afterwards he was sent to Canada to continue his undercover training and obtained his false identity - with the real Lonsdale being born in Canada before emigrating to Russia where he later died.

Houghton and Molody were put under surveillance by MI5 and observed talking in Steve's Restaurant, pictured, in London where 'loudmouth' Houghton discussed future meetings and plans to visit the Russian ballet, making the intelligence services even more suspicious Houghton, left in his Navy days, passed on documents about the first UK nuclear submarine, HMS Dreadnought, which he was able to get through Gee, right with Houghton after their release.

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