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I “only” had scratched corneas, broken ribs, and a damaged knee.

In some ways, flashbacks are appropriate because the similarities between the two derailments are eerie: In both, the trains were going much too fast.

The victims ended up bearing a large part of their own medical costs and lost wages.

Meanwhile, Amtrak’s chief executive — who ran what the NTSB described as a railroad lacking a “safety culture” for eight years — retired without so much as a slap on the wrist.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there, because in 1997, Congress also decided to cap at 0 million the total compensation that Amtrak and other passenger railroads must pay when their negligence leads to an accident.

what was given to one victim had to be taken from another.” He described the process as a daily exercise in “Sophie’s Choice.” That’s what happened after the Amtrak accident in Philadelphia.Indeed a quick search on Google reveals that "Why are the French so rude?" appears to be one of the great unanswered questions of our time. Julie Barlow, co-writer of ‘The Bonjour Effect’, believes that's certainly the case.But it’s not too late to eliminate the liability cap and to say that government-funded railroads should be responsible for their actions and that the victims of Amtrak’s negligence should get the full protection of the law.A 2012 survey by flight comparison site Sky Scanner revealed users ranked France as the number one rudest country for travellers and a thread on the travel site Tripadvisor is packed full of complaints about French rudeness.

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