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So as to not insult service members in the Middle East, we understand that anywhere in Afghanistan or Iraq is classified as a combat environment.But, let's face it, there are a number of jobs in combat zones that do not require kicking in doors and exposure to dusty environments.Additionally, after production begins, they are tested routinely to ensure they continue meet military standards.These are certainly not designed like your average pair of sunglasses.If you are military and you expect to be in the Middle East, on the ground in a combat environment, you absolutely not only need protection of ballistic polycarbonate lenses, you also need wind and dust protection.Any Middle East duty will eventually fall prey to dust storms, which are quite unbelievable in the Middle East, not unlike the occasional dust storm in the desert southwest of the U.Your goggles or sunglasses must have a gasket that seals most of the wind and dust out from around your eyes.Equally important, you need maximum protection from shrapnel from IED or RPG attacks.

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The only option of choice are gasketed goggles or sunglasses.

The blowing dust are very fine particles, almost talcum-powder-like that seeps into every nook and cranny of vehicles, buildings, and yes, your body.

It is highly recommended if you perform convoy duty, find yourself routinely in armor vehicles on patrol, or routinely kicking down doors, you need wind and dust protection for your eyes plus ballistic protection.

Second, because of the numerous styles and models to select from, picking the wrong eyewear can be an expensive proposition when you have to buy a second pair because the first pair were wrong for the application.

However, once you understand your mission, environment and needs, it becomes much clearer.

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