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I dont have it in me to ever act upon anything all my fantasys are in my head this is the first time openly spoke about this and its a little scary.My ex gf once stumbled upon a folder but she has never told anyone to my knowledge and then recently one of my friends found a half downloaded picture in my recycle bin but hes keeping it safe.I remember in school I had a skimpy photo of a preteen boy as the wallpaper on my school computer, lol!Well pre pubescant doesnt quite describe the age groups of girls i have they range from maybe 13 - 17 ephedophilia ( orwhateveritis) is how i described it.

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Joy can neither be created or destroyed the balance of happiness is constant.Onlysleep and Wolfparade: Im thinking of you guys, just want you to know that.All the important questions you ask wont be ignored forever.This is why there are so many guys out there, with this label of paedophile, that are so unfairly miss-judged.That, is an act of inhumanity, and we win hearts and minds in the future. Mental health profession, your health system, politicians you may have respect for. So many people i spoken to on line, say to me: "I didnt know that, i thought this. Why did i think that paedophile only described a child abuser, when acutally, it also describes the attraction too?

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