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When writing in AMA and other medical styles the sturcture of these papers is to some measure prescribed, as reflected in the organization of abstracts.

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There are no headlines in research writing though titles and headings abound rendering the derived term more meaningful.

Block quotes, headings, captions, tables and table notes, and references are single-spaced within but double-spaced from the rest of the text. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) was formed to reduce the proliferization of styles in medical publication.

The New England Journal of Medicine (a charter member along with JAMA) follows the style almost exactly, JAMA puts the titles of books and journals in references in italics but otherwise largely follows the style.

These are the papers described in the AMA Manual and the JAMA "Instructions for Authors." On the other hand, when crafting a paper to be read it is common sense to embed tables and figures in the text where they are first mentioned. The AMA Manual, for example, has no instructions for how a title page should look other than indicating the information it should contain. There is enough agreement among major styles about the hierarchy of headings and other features for these to guide their presentation in AMA Stat!

The 2003 edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) refered to these papers as final manuscripts. Block spacing presents a more compact format handy for readers and recommended for final manuscripts. As always, where specific rules are given in the AMA Manual they are followed. Evanston, IL: The American Board of Medical Specialists, 2000.

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