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The continued leadership through the transition means that the cases and priorities of the office have been maintained, which was the goal, as the community needs have not shifted.

LINCOLN COUNTY Square Miles: 922 Poverty Population: 10,121 Assistance with housing continues to be a top request from clients and a high priority for staff time.

JACKSON COUNTY Square Miles: 2,801 Poverty Population: 48,971 The Jackson County Center for Nonprofit Legal Services office is seeing an increase in requests from veterans and indigent clients for help with expungement and reinstatement of drivers licenses to access employment, housing, and public benefits.

They report seeing a crisis in affordable housing availability and an increase in homelessness of families with children.

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For example, people are losing housing subsidies because they cannot find rentals to use them with.

Lincoln County continues to have a near-zero vacancy rate.

Housing stock is increasingly being converted to second homes and vacation rentals, which makes the housing shortage even tighter.

Local efforts to identify barriers to affordable housing have included study groups and task forces, and staff continue to search for solutions to these complicated problems.

Lincoln County also has one of the state’s highest rates of homeless children, and the staff is working to coordinate services and enforce protections through the district’s Homeless Education and Literacy Project.

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