Online dating profile examples pua training

I would like you to go as in depth as possible into what different types of women are after, and the best way to approach each one.For example there are many types of girl, such as..-Profile photo should show your face and look good as a thumbnail.- Don't have pics that were obviously taken by yourself. - Include 4-5 things that will "bait" girls into messaging YOU. "You're adorable, so adorable in fact that I've decided im going to adopt you as my new little sister.Stunning blondes Obvious models/glamour Party girls Girl next door Older 30 Younger 18-21 Gothic/emo Black Asian Obvious Christian/religious You could create a certain email template for each of these types as i know from experience if you go too c&f on someone whos young they wont 'get it' or if you come across too much of a player, it will eliminate the Christian girls.As for some quick advice here and now, i have pictures with me kissing girls and some with me with my arm round an ex etc etc, some taken in a club while some obviously taken indoors.Profile: -Imply (or state) that you are not taking online dating seriously. - paint a picture of your life that is interesting and FUN. Don't worry, we'll spend all our time together climbing trees and drinking kool-aid.

“I met my Fiancée, Amanda, with what I learned in the e Dating Doc Academy...The way I see it, the only thing you're doing here is mentioning stuff that isn't in your profile (and same with her). Sinn mentions that he likes to call late at night so you're the last thing on her mind before she goes to bed, which makes a lot of sense, but does the same apply here?So what is a good balance for e-mail and for phone? Then, with meeting, do the same rules apply here as with a standard day 2?Photos: -Having nice looking photos of you having fun with a group of people. Don't worry, we'll spend all our time together climbing trees and drinking kool-aid.-Photos where you are the center of attention/doing something cool. That brings me to a question: If a guy has many friends and girl friends, why would he be spending time on dating website? (Insert personalized comment that shows you read her profile). " You're profile would need to reflect that you're the type of person that would send a message like that if you want the best results. Some sites let the user know if their message had been read or not yet so I usually read it, then write a reply an hour or so later depending on the girl.

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