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Another 15.18 percent said they first heard from a scammer via email.

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In many cases, buyers report being contacted again and instructed to send more money to cover fake “shipping” or “insurance” charges.Older adults may be at increased risk Complaints from adults ages 46 made up an increased percentage of complaints to in 2017, while complaints from younger adults (ages 45 and below) decreased year-over-year.While it’s difficult to generalize about fraud trends affecting older consumers, this is a trend we’ll be keeping an eye on in 2018.Phone as method of first contact continues to decrease The phone’s days as the top gateway for fraudsters to their victims may be numbered.While the telephone remained the method of first contact for scammers in more than a third (34.29 percent) of complaints, web-based initial contact is gaining: 34.11 percent of complainants said their first brush with scammers in 2017 was on the Web.

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