Nsfetchedresultscontroller not updating

application is the configuration of the model layer.

Core Data operates with a mutable model layer, where objects are always passed by reference and the same instance is modified when an object is edited. Instead, a view model (or some sort of token object) should be used to mimic (or act as a placeholder for) the data that will be displayed in the collection view.

A common a programmer can face is when he makes changes on the Managed Object Model.

For example add a new attribute to a entity, and re-run the application with previous stored data. You can prepare a migration, if you already have your application on the App Store.

Core Data is a framework, provided by Apple, to be used on Applications for i OS and mac OS.It’s easy to power a UITable View with Core Data, thanks to the NSFetched Results Controller.To display data, the latter needs an NSFetch Request.It may sounds like a lot of pieces to be used, but since you setup all this parts, you will not need to make much changes, and you will be using mostly only the Managed Object Context.The Managed Object Model, describes the schema that you will be using in your application.

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