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This masterpiece of medieval architecture is a recognised symbol of the expertise of 13th Century builders who erected two sets of three-level buildings on the rocky peak.The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, between Cancale and Granville, occupies some 500 km².Pilgrim or simple visitor, you can enjoy a guided walk across the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, feet in the sand.Accompanied by licensed guides, you shall tread the grazing land, walk along Tombelaine inhabited by many birds, cross rivers, you will “sink” in quicksand … After twenty years of studies and works, this exceptional monument has regained its status of island.Tragically, Fourniret's bizarre obsession would have shocking consequences for a number of young women and girls.

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In addition to getting to know one another, Olivier and Fourniret used these communications to form a pact based on rape and murder that would lead to the brutal killings of several women and girls.

He also said he became obsessed with the concept of virginity after he married his first wife and learned that she, unlike Fourniret, was not a virgin.

Fourniret was apparently deeply disturbed when he learned his wife had been with other men, and this discovery caused him to become fixated on the idea of having sex with virgins.

While Fourniret never murdered Olivier’s ex-husband, his failure to fulfill his promise didn’t stop her from keeping up her end of the bargain, as she helped him kidnap, rape, and murder multiple victims over the course of several years.

Jean-Michel André Jarre is a popular French composer, performer, and record producer.

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