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The ending is good, just need more scenes of her recovery. " and again we never knew IG she survive the operation and mind you its cancer. I was not bored at all watching this from the beginning and if I didn't get bored then it means this drama was worth it... If it was not weird enough, the most weird part which i don't get is how the hell did they fall for each other...? Love from malaysia ❤ I wonder why I missed this drama. I can't find dramas engage with me nowadays except rebel. Her act become more and more awesome day by day and her beauty not change at all. I had liked Joo Won in King of Baking, Am now coming out of this drama convinced that both of them have created one of the best kdrama pairings ever!

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From being a sweet princess to the Queen of Crocodiles then sweet wife to her husband is very worthy of my sleepless nights. Of course Joo Won has been in a medical drama before "Good Doctor" where he shone as the doctor with autism.

even tho in first episodes editing was surprisingly bad (srls what were they thinking) Drama is one of those you won't forget easily.

The only huge problem i found was how rushed it was.

Though the first episodes have flashbacks that you might find exhausting, it didn't lessen the greatness of the story. He is brilliant here-very brilliant, he is part doctor/stuntman/hustler and what not. Kim Taehee is competent in her role but not brilliant here.

The only surprising thing about this show is the career turning move and the breakout performance of Jo Hyun Jae who plays the evil brother.

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