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Angell Conwell was born on August 2, 1983, in Orangeburg, South Carolina, United States.She is the daughter of Sheila Legette and Brian Conwell.I’m writing a project now with my former co-star Redaric Williams.” Hollywood is a town where actors are constantly concerned about the next audition, the next role, and the next opportunity.According to the recent data, Angell Conwell's net worth is estimated to be around million which is totally worthy.Her self-assuredness does not come as a surprise, considering she started her professional career at the tender age of 6.

But within a few minutes of meeting her, I quickly realize she perfectly embodies the cool and the confidence of a true native of Tinseltown.

“I enjoyed reading the script and Lisa stood out as a woman [who had] faith, strength, and humor.

To be a part of this show is a blessing.” The premise of the comedy chronicles the lives of the Stallworth family.

Wearing a floral sundress accented with lace that hugs her petite frame and sporting a gray floppy hat with Jackie-O inspired sunnies, Conwell, at first seems to bury herself in anonymity.

Her seemingly protected posture is not uncommon for someone who lives under the blaring lights of show business; however, it doesn’t take long, for her bubbly personality to spill over especially when describing her character.

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