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In his own time, Rassilon was chiefly an engineer and architect but once he had left his mark, most of Time Lord society hailed him as a hero.

Other Time Lords contended that Rassilon was a corrupt megalomaniac who tried to murder his friend Omega and stole his invention in order to build a Time Lord society.

He fought on the front lines of the conflict for several hundred years.Rassilon was, alongside Omega and the Other, one of the founders of Time Lord civilisation and widely regarded as the single greatest figure of Gallifreyan history.He was generally considered the first Time Lord, though some believed that distinction belonged to his compatriot Omega.In retaliation, the wrathful Pythia cursed her enemies and made Gallifreyans sterile.(PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible) Rassilon despised the vampires and began a purge to wipe them from existence.

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