Dating younger men after divorce

Younger women like to think they have this “rule” about refusing to date men who are 10 years older than them. You’ll hit the “reset” button in her brain…so all of her her “rules” will go right out the window (and so will her inhibitions)…

I found this out the hard way: I’d start a conversation with a 20-something girl…she’d laugh at all my jokes…touch my arm every 30 seconds…bite her lip and lean into me… I didn’t believe it at first…at the time, the youngest woman I was sleeping with was 37…

Women are programmed to seek out strong, valuable males who will be able to provide for and protect their children.

As men can easily procreate well into their seventies, age is almost irrelevant.

So the fact that you are ten years or even twenty years older than her is not such a big problem for her as it is for you.

However, we can turn it into a big issue when we approach women with the ‘I am just a dirty old man’ program running at the back of our thoughts.

It’s a bit like when you say to someone ‘whatever you don’t look over there’…

things instantly become more valuable when we are restricted from accessing them.

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If you’re into her, how can you get past her dumb “rules”? Shut down by a damn number…and punctuated by some excuse, like What a load of B. I finally got fed up…how could I show younger women that their dumb “rule” didn’t matter? It describes a type of eye contact, stance, and handshake…called “Masculinity Moves“…and when you use them together on a younger girl…Unbearably happy, happier than they'd been in years, happier than I was."I'd forgotten sex could be so incredible after suffering through it with James for 10 years," Susan* tells me one night at dinner with another recently separated friend, Anne.And all that physical pampering—not to mention the afterglow from all that sex— shows.None of my friends are supermodels; they're just normal women, working women, women with C-section scars and diminishing elasticity, but they've transformed themselves into Cougars, big game for twentysomething men.

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