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Commenter: Kadah Wooley Mammoths were here before us, too.Maybe we should "reintroduce" their closest relative: the elephant.But then, wolf-lovers don't have to live with them either. ), but there does seems to be a need for compromise here.I do agree that human populations are growing and diminishing habitat for other species - and not just wolves, but all kinds of animals.And while all the environmentalists think this is just great, they are not willing to pay what wolves are costing the livestock industry which makes it apparent their agenda is to impose their will on everyone by putting livestock producers out of business.

The return of the gray wolf to the northern Rockies is considered to be the most successful wildlife reintroduction project in the history of the 27 year old Endangered Species Act.The other thing that bugs me is how hunters would want to shoot this animal.It has such great family ties and packs are very close knit and to say animals don't have feelings is just wrong.These wolf families are closer and more loving then most human families.Commenter: vicki Good comments, especially regarding parasites.

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