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New Farm resident Carolyn Martin was hanging out a towel on her balcony in September 2011 when three flying foxes attacked her.One bat wrapped itself around an ankle and the other two flew around her face. in length, Australia's Bulldog Ants are the biggest ants in the world and can be found in any part of Australia.They killed a farmer in Victoria in 1988 but this is one of only three deaths by this species.Local residents had been afraid to leave their homes for some time.The camels have torn up the main waterpipes and sewerage pipes, made the town's airport unusable and contaminated the town's water supply.

In May 2005 a 46 year old man was killed on the town's outskirts by a wild buffalo when he went for a walk to check the water supply line to his house.

Tourists from time to time report being chased or attacked by cassowaries but this is usually due to people, against all good advice, feeding them so they expect food when they see people and the next lot doing the right thing and not feeding him will cause him to be aggressive not getting his expected meal. Kevin Butler lived in the US with his Aussie cockatoo Bird as a pet.

Kevin was found dead one day in 2002 with multiple stabwounds and Bird was found dead in the kitchen with a fork in his back and a leg cut off.

The Northern Territory government decided to take action and announced ,000 in emergency funding for a cull in which helicopters will be used to herd the animals outside the town, where the camels will be shot and left to decay in the desert.

Cassowaries can be quite teritorial, even in captivity as a worker in the San Francisco Zoo found out in February 2001 when a 5 year old male attacked him and slashed his leg open.

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